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Of Suicide, Culture, & The Essential Mission of Catholic Parents

Catholic parents have a mission. And, it’s in direct opposition to the culture. Here’s how an attempted suicide taught me this important lesson.

Evangelizing Catechesis

The Problem With Conscience

The Problem With Conscience

I have this little voice in my head. It’s not really a voice, actually. It’s more like an intuition. Sometimes it tells me I should do something a certain way, or that I should have done … [Read More...]

Growing in Faith


Complete Your Spiritual Goals This Year

It’s the new year…again. Around this time of year, everyone online starts talking about goal setting and resolutions. How to make goals, how to keep goals, how everyone breaks their goals, and … [Read More...]

Relational Evangelization


Who Needs You to Share Your Faith?

Here's the question: Who do you talk to about your Catholic Faith? Should you share your faith with everyone? No one? Seth Godin is more than a marketing guru. He's a visionary thought leader … [Read More...]

Catholic Parenting

Jotham's Journey image

Family Advent Devotion: Jotham’s Journey

"Over and over Jotham screamed for his family, but there was no one to hear him. They had vanished. He was alone. Where had they gone? How long ago did they leave? Through quick stabbing sobs, Jotham … [Read More...]

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How to Know You Have a Relationship with Jesus

I was already a little tipsy when I started this conversation with Andre Regnier. That didn't make it any easier. Marcel Lejeune and I had already indulged in a few beers at the social before we … [Read More...]


Sorry, I Got Caught Up

So...what have you guys been up to? I've been a little busy! This is the obligatory post bloggers always write when they've been away from the blog for a while. You've seen them. They … [Read More...]


Book Review: Under the Influence of Jesus

I don’t think the average Catholic has a clue what difference Jesus makes. Oh sure, they’ve heard homilies, listened to gospel stories, and read about the doctrines about Jesus in their CCD classes … [Read More...]


How to Get the Catechetical Recharge You Need This Summer

Okay's the end of the year. Your classes are over, or they will be soon. You're tired, burned out, and ready for summer. But you're DRE is already asking if you want to teach again next … [Read More...]


Why the Fruit of the Spirit Is Missing From Your Life

Here's something I've learned about saints. They believe what the Bible says. Not just that the Bible is true, but that it's true for them. St. Francis read that Jesus told the apostles they … [Read More...]


Breaking the Silence: Forming Intentional Disciples and the Catholic Family

In my last post, I related some insights from a one-day workshop I attended that was given by Sherry Weddell. Again, her book Forming Intentional Disciples is really creating quite a stir in the … [Read More...]


Forming Intentional Disciples, the Resurrection, and the Name of Jesus

I recently had the privilege of meeting Sherry Weddell and attending her one-day workshop for Forming Intentional Disciples. Her book is wildly sweeping the catechetical nation and creating quite a … [Read More...]


The Price of Not Evangelizing

Is there a price for our failure to evangelize? Does it really matter if we fail to tell people about the truth of Catholicism? He never knew the truth One of the RCIA candidates pulled me aside … [Read More...]


Why Catholics Don’t Share Their Faith

When you were a kid, did you ever have a friend in school you were embarrassed to be with around other people? Sure, you liked him well enough when you were in class or by yourselves. But he … [Read More...]


Are We Teaching Families What They’re Supposed to Be?

Did you get the questionnaire from the Vatican? Even saying that is sort of strange. Has there ever been a questionnaire from the Vatican? I love Pope Francis! If you have no clue what I'm … [Read More...]