Who Needs You to Share Your Faith?


Here’s the question: Who do you talk to about your Catholic Faith?

Should you share your faith with everyone? No one?

Seth Godin is more than a marketing guru. He’s a visionary thought leader who defined, and continues to refine, business and online communication. For those of you who think all marketing is sleazy, Godin’s ethical, personalist marketing will turn your head. I think Catholics can learn a lot from him. Actually, I wish all Catholic parishes did business as personally as Godin proposes.

Recently he said this:

“Marketers make change happen. Good marketing can change governments, heal the sick and bring a new technology to the masses. Marketers spend money (sometimes lots of it), take our time and transform our culture. It’s quite a powerful position to be in.

. . . .

At a recent conference for non-profits, a college student asked me, ‘what right does a public health person have to try to change the behavior of an at-risk group?’ That one was easy for me. How can they not work to tell stories and share information that will help those at risk change that behavior?

. . . .

For me, the line is clear. If the person you’re trying to change knew what you knew, would they want to change?”

In our society, religion is a private thing. You’re not supposed to share, or rather “impose,” your beliefs. Just keep it to yourself, man! I don’t NEED your morality!

But what if you do?

How can we not share information and stories that can help change the behaviors of those “at risk” of unhappiness, unfulfilled lives, and loss of purpose? Perhaps it’s merely my opinion and perspective. Perhaps they’re perfectly happy on their own and it’s none of my business. But if that person knew what you knew about God, would they want to change? There’s the real answer.

The gospel has the power to make change happen as well. It has changed cultures for centuries.

Who should hear it? Whoever would want to change if they knew about it. That’s actually not everyone, but it’s also not no one.

How do you know? If you get to know them, you’ll know.


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