5 Surprising Truths About Holiness


What do people think of when you talk about “holiness”?

Monks in silence with their hands folded? People praying on their knees for hours? Somber-faced sisters who never have any fun?

Someone once told me, “Who would want to be a Saint? They suffer a lot and have very hard lives.”

So holiness conjures lots of images…not all of them good. You want the people you’re evangelizing to desire holiness. So, you’ll have to help them understand what it means.

Here are 5 facts to help people understand holiness and open their hearts to desire it.
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Want to Have Faith in God? Just Take One Step

have faith hilltop

Even the longest quest begins by just getting down the hill

Maybe you want to deepen your faith in God.

Maybe you’re not even sure there is a God.

Maybe you’re like I was and find something missing in your life.

Maybe you just know in your heart that if you have faith in God it will make your life better.

Whatever the reason, congratulations. Because a commitment to change your life will take you far. But you don’t build a faith that lasts just by getting a notion in your head.

You need something more.
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Why I Don’t Like Palm Sunday Mass and You Shouldn’t Either

I’m always a little uncomfortable at Palm Sunday Mass.

No, it’s not because the gospel is so long.

But it is because of the gospel.

You know how there’s all the different parts for the gospel reading on Palm Sunday?

There’s a narrator and the bystanders, the priest is Jesus, and then there’s the part for the congregation.

I hate saying, “Crucify him!” I don’t much like the “Hail, King of the Jews” part either.

I’m never quite sure–should I say it with conviction and really play the part? Or, is that bad. Maybe I should downplay the whole thing and say it sort of…monotone.

In giving me that part, it seems like the Church is implying that somehow I had something to do with this. That makes me uncomfortable.

I mean, I’m innocent in this right? Right???
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Don’t Waste Your Lent Giving Up Chocolate

If you’re reading this post, it’s probably close to Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.

If you’re Catholic, without a doubt you’ll be asked, “What are you giving up?”

And, 99% of the time the answer will come back, “Chocolate!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good fast as much as the next guy (unless that guy is St. Francis).

But I believe there’s more productive things to do during Lent than giving up chocolate–and I’m going to tell you why!
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Why Thanksgiving Is For Catholics

The Thanksgiving holiday conjures up all kinds of images for me.

Turkey. Family. Pilgrims. Shopping.

But, I have to say, the holiday itself doesn’t speak to me about giving thanks.

I know, there’s the whole pilgrims starving in the winter thing. But that’s almost a myth.

What is it about giving thanks that we should remember it every year in a big way?

And, how do we, as Catholics, integrate Thanksgiving into our spiritual lives?

Here’s a hint–it’s actually a very Catholic thing!
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How Not Working on Your Catechesis Can Make You a Better Catechist

I really enjoyed this article by Michael Hyatt called The Four Disciplines of the Heart and wanted to share it.

In this article, Hyatt talks about the need we all have to step back and take some time to recharge.

This is something I’m not always good at so it really spoke to me.

Hyatt outlines four ways or “disciplines” that allow you to do that.

They are:

  • The Discipline of Reflection
  • The Discipline of Rest
  • The Discipline of Recreation
  • The Discipline of Relationships
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The Dirty Little Word That Just Might Make You Holy…and Happy

I want to talk about an important word for Catholics.

Some may consider it a dirty little word.

Nevertheless, if you want to be holy, you’ll have to understand it and embrace it.

It’s been a big part of Catholic spirituality since the beginning.

That word is discipline. And, it’s tied to a not so dirty word–happiness.

Why is discipline so important and how can it make you holy…and happy?

It’s all about attitude.
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Jim Rohn, the Spiritual Learning Curve, and the Power of Ideas

Have you heard of Jim Rohn?

He was a writer and speaker in the personal development industry who died in 2009.

I don’t think he was Catholic, or a catechist, but his ideas are sometimes evangelizing for me in odd ways.

He talks about achieving success in business, wealth and life, but his ideas inspire in me insights about the human side of the spirituality–acquiring virtue.

Virtue is essentially spiritual personal development and is the foundation for the Holy Spirit to operate in a soul.

I want to share an insight I got recently from a Jim Rohn quote.
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Scripture Tag | My Three Favorite Verses

I got tagged!

Well, it’s not a bad thing. Amanda Rose at Little Steps Along the Way tagged me in a blogging meme. My first time too Amanda!

A meme is a blog post topic that is passed around and shared. The theme for this one is “Three Favorite Scripture Verses.”

So, these are three of my all time favorites because I keep coming back to them and use them often. They continually speak to me in my life and work.
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Benedict Invites All to Spiritual Direction, But Perhaps Not You

You need a spiritual director.

Actually, I need a spiritual director too.

The question is, can you find one?

The necessity of spiritual direction

Spiritual direction is a great thing for growth in the spiritual life.

You might even say it’s a necessary thing. It’s difficult to go it alone spiritually.
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