Want to Have Faith in God? Just Take One Step

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Even the longest quest begins by just getting down the hill

Maybe you want to deepen your faith in God.

Maybe you’re not even sure there is a God.

Maybe you’re like I was and find something missing in your life.

Maybe you just know in your heart that if you have faith in God it will make your life better.

Whatever the reason, congratulations. Because a commitment to change your life will take you far. But you don’t build a faith that lasts just by getting a notion in your head.

You need something more.

Let’s just get to the bottom of the hill

There’s a scene in the Lord of the Rings where Frodo and Sam are nearing the final stage of their quest.

They’ve just climbed a huge ridge, and when they get to the top, they can see Mordor in the distance for the first time. It seems so overwhelming.

Frodo sighs and says, “How will we ever make it all the way, Sam?”

Sam just looks at him and says, “Right now, let’s just make it to the bottom of this hill.”

My faith in God came from simply taking the next step

I had my first real awakening to faith in God when I was 33 years old. I grew up Catholic but had fallen away as a teen.

Then after 20 years I found myself restless with life. I wanted something more, and the quest to find it led my wife and I back to our Catholic Faith.

I had no idea how to grow in faith but I wanted to learn. It was 1998, and I was in the Navy stationed in Japan. There were no Catholic bookstores, but the Internet was just starting up. So my wife began researching on the web.

I would come home from work and she would say something like, “They say we should pray the rosary every day.” So we did. Then she said, “There’s this thing called Eucharistic adoration, we should probably start doing that.” So, I said okay!

We were far from good Catholics at that point and still practiced birth control. However, we did one thing right. When we found out about something new, we were open to it. We always took the next step. And, we kept on taking the next step…where ever it led.

Eventually, our faith life really grew. We became so enamored with the Catholic Faith that our lives completely changed…for the better.

The Saints are sinners who never gave up

When I first looked at the Saints, their faith seemed completely impossible. They thought and acted differently than normal people. I thought they were chosen…singled out. Special people the Lord gave more to.

But they were so joyful! They loved so much! They delighted in God so much. They suffered so well. They were attractive.

Then, the more I read about them, the more I realized that the Saints didn’t start out that way. They had faith journeys too. They made mistakes. They often came from a lives of sin. What made them different?

The saints aren’t people who’ve never sinned. They are sinners who never gave up. Click to tweet.

They never stopped following the Lord. They never stopped loving the Lord. They never stopped asking for forgiveness, and never stopped taking the next step. They were on a quest! A quest for God!

Just take one step toward having faith…today

The key to progress in the spiritual life is to start today and just take one step! Just one.

Whatever the devotion, start today. Start reading Scripture…today. Start reading the Catechism…today. Starting going to daily Mass…today. Start praying every day…today.

Then take another step and do it tomorrow. But don’t think about that right now. Just worry about today.

Remember, the ones who make progress are the ones who actually get started. They only worried about making it to the bottom of the hill. They wait to worry about the next hill later.

What have you got to lose except the fear, doubt, hopelessness? The pain of living one more day without meaning and purpose? One more day without the fulfillment you know you’re missing.

Just start taking that one step. That’s all you have to think about right now. And this will be the first day in your new life of faith.

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  1. I definintely needed to read this today. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Marc,
    I enjoyed reading your blog, especially when you tell us not to worry about what faith steps we will take tomorrow but only for today’s step. You reminded me of how the Lord provided for my faith growth through a very simple song that became a sort of devotional, years ago when I first ‘experienced’ a conversion, as a young adult. The song lyrics were based on Jesus’s words in Mt. 6: 25-34 where he asks those who are dedicated to follow him as disciples to seek first the kingdom of God, and all else will be added. I understand today that those words meant for me then that if I could fall in love with him first, all else will follow. And that has been the case!


    • Marc Cardaronella says:

      What an amazing insight Magdalena! I think you’re right. The main goal is to fall in love with Jesus and let him take care of the rest. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful post.

    God bless you and yours.

  4. I felt like I was reading about my life. I fell away from my catholic faith during my teens. I started taking small steps towards God when things started going wrong in my life. Now I’m 33 years old. I am still struggling. I still have that feeling of restlessness that you described.
    There are days when I cant pray at all. There are days when I just give up thinking it is all futile, I don’t see or feel any changes. You’re article was just what I needed today to give me that extra push to keep going. Thanks so much!

    • Marc Cardaronella says:

      You are so welcome! I’m so glad it helped.

      Hang in there Tina! I went in and out of rough periods as well. Dryness is just part of the game. God tests us to see if we’ll stick it out before he gives us more. If you stay faithful and keep at it, God will reward you.

  5. I need this badly , it’s been days now that I am trying to be strong, finding ways to to fully have faith in God. I am so scared for my daughter and I am relying on God’s grace for her to be better. I am easily weakened and the entire day I feel my faith is like a roller coaster ride.Please pray for me.

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